Success Plan

Success Plan

The Success Plan

Monthly Subscription – $800

If used wisely, like the advice of Grandmother, you will find answers. Answers – to questions you have yet to ask – to questions you are afraid to ask – most importantly you’ll be taking a few minutes to care for yourself. You may grow, expand and change. Of course, you always have the choice to do nothing so I do not guarantee that you will grow, expand and change. I can’t guarantee you’ll fall in love with yourself but I will show you the way.


  • Semi Monthly Personal Coaching Time: Skype or Phone call Coaching Sessions

  • Month 1: Reviewing your current story

  • Month 2: Empowering your story

  • Month 3: Ready…Set…Go! Savoring Courage

  • Month 4: Alchemy -Talk about the hard stuff

  • Month 5: Alchemy – Talk about the hard stuff part 2

  • Month 6: Abyss to Prosperity – Innovations and Solutions – Exploring with Curiosity

  • Month 7: Abyss to Prosperity – Innovations and Solutions part 2

  • Month 8: Agility and Resiliency –stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful – your personal passion path

  • Month 9 – 12: Ongoing Support to Master Your Success

  • Monthly bonuses mailed to you.

  • Monthly Intention Focus

  • Monthly Meditation