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Regulatory Specialist | Consulting Business Management | Specialty Business Support | Coaching | Feminine Support


It won't be easy; it will be worth the journey.

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ShelleRae - The Business PSecialist

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Today – ShelleyRae O’Connor is Regulatory Specialist | Consulting Business Manager | Specialty Business Support | Coach | Feminine Support | Marketing Specialists

Creator of the Passion Path and Passion Life Map

Event Planner for the World’s Worse Events

10 years – Regulatory Specialist
Quality assurance, quality control, FDA, GMP and Health Canada regulatory and compliance. 17 NPN Registered with Health Canada

5 years – Business Continuity & Risk Manager
Prepare for clients – risk management and reviews, business continuity planning, disaster preparedness, employee trainings, and conduct secret shopping.

30 Years – Graphic Artist, Web & Online Specialist
Websites – Design. Maintenance. Revive. Renovate. Reinvigorate. Web development, graphics, online presence management, and social media for local small companies. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, HTML …


Business Manager ~ Graphic Designer ~ Marketer

Shelleys’ past – present – furture are a weave of stories. A journey of journeys. She won’t let us tell them all here; so here are a few highlights.

30+ years ago Shelley walked into a restaurant for a hostess position; she walked out the assistant manager and hostess; she was 17 years old. She remained in that position until the business was sold; she and the original owner left together as a team; the business closed 6 months later. This was the beginning of a career in business management.

As a graphic designer married to a printer, Shelley had the opportunity to be one of the first designers to send print designs electronically to the graphics house for output. The dawning of the digital age of print. Within 5 years printers would no longer be out sourcing their digital for plate creation but producing it all in house on specialized printers and eventually move to complete digital.

Shelley’s graphic design time has included the creation of custom POGS for many major artists and businesses. She eventually sold her million dollar POG business to a partner who saw it through the fad to closure a few years later.

After a stint in direct mail marketing which included working with Apria Healthcare, American Express and Saint Jude Research Hospital as well as a long list of donor campaigns Shelley moved on to rebuild 2 small local businesses.

Managing the businesses directly prior to and after Y2K Shelley brought tech expertise to the Restoration Industry. Exiting the industry when the second business sold her successes included creating demand for services at 3 times the average local rate, 90% retention, controlled growth marketing template, establishing the business as a industry leader and securing contracts for inspection services.

A short time in the storage industry proved that Shelley could market and price as she liked in any industry. Her profit margins were increased 28% in 6 months and vacancy was reduced to 2% from 26%.

A move to Northern California provided Shelley with her next success and a 5 million dollar success. Simple marketing (but not easy) updates led to clients moving from a $250,000 business to a $5 million in 7 years.

Known on social media as ShelleRae; her brand was a very successful accident; a challenge 14 years ago Thanksgiving day between friends to change themselves from business entities to personalities. From Yelp to FaceBook to Google to Twitter ShelleRae can be found in the top of Google and Bing. This was the start of her social media life and passion.