Making Wishes Come True in Business and Life

Dream … Wish upon a star . . .

When I was younger I often wished upon the stars. My favorite wish was to own Macy’s. No, I didn’t like to shop – it was about owning my own parades. From the Easter Parade to the Thanksgiving Day Parade; I knew the store was a way to my end goal. I’m not sure that I want to own Macy’s any more but I still love a parade.

Today, I design and re-design businesses and lives to fit dreams.

Business Coach – Are you ready to upcycle your business to manifest your dreams?

Life Coach – Are you ready to be your own star?

Making Wishes Come True in Business and Life. For the past 30+ years ShelleRae has built businesses. Taught people to build businesses. Created income streams, marketing, sales and business plans.
Making Wishes Come True and Dreams Reality! Are you ready to design your life and create your dreams? Business at a Critical Milestone? Are you wondering is this a tipping point or am I just falling over?



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