JUST Need Mom

JUST Need Mom

When You Still Need Your Mom and She’s Not There Anymore

I JUST Need My Mom!

Sometimes, we JUST need Mom.

Sometimes, Mom isn’t available.

Sometimes, Mom can’t understand.

And sometimes, no matter how or what we do, we Just need Mom.

Conversations and comradery – shared sinks of dirty dishes, laundry folding and midnight pots of tea. Your first best friend, your first confidante. Who else would be so honestly interested in the ins and outs of your life, the stars of your life – your family – all they said, created or did? Who else is as invested in your daily struggle as a parent as you are? Only your own , very special, Mom.

Who else would want to know all the details of your life?

Who else can we share these intimate and milestone stories of life and love with if not with our mothers?

Who else feels heart broken when Mom can’t answer the phone and share?

Motherless daughters; we understand the homesick that transcends this world.

Mental illness and violence stole my mother many moons ago. Thankfully for years, certainly not enough, I had my grandmother. Now, I am Grandmother. I have transitioned from Mom to Baba. I share Baba with the world now. Hoping to bridge a tiny moment in the gaps our own dear mothers and grandmothers left.

Baba Chochom Wise Grandmother

A grandmother for you.

A talk over a cup of shared tea –

Time, time for a cup of tea, time for a talk, time to be heard.

Monthly Subscription – $75


  • 30 Minutes Monthly Talking Time: Skype or Phone Call

  • Monthly: Tea of the Month

  • Quarterly Hand Written Letter

  • Birthday Card

  • Birthday Present


Grandmother Wisdom – The ability to turn anything into a story, to teach with tales, to heal with folklore, to love unconditionally while setting everyone on their path to success.

I am mother and grandmother to many lost children; Peter Pans of the world.

There are few stories I haven’t heard or read that can shatter my resolve. I see life as calculated risks. Never take a bet you can’t afford. I am fierce, bold and brutal.

Brutally honest, boldly forthright, fiercely me.

I occupy the space that parents left long ago – acceptance and comfort for the afraid, abandoned, anxious, and often depressed.

Filling the void, unafraid of the abyss; I look into the abyss and it changes; my gift to those who seek acceptance, love and conversation.