Shelley's Place

Just Need Mom

Mother, Daughter, Just need Mom

Who else feels heart broken when Mom can’t answer the phone and share?

Motherless daughters; we understand the homesick that transcends this world.

We are Grandmother’s; hoping to bridge, for a tiny moment, the gaps dear mothers and grandmothers left.

I Just Need Mom!

I JUST Need My Mom!

Sometimes, we JUST need Mom.

Sometimes, Mom isn’t available.

Sometimes, Mom can’t understand.

And sometimes, no matter how or what we do, we Just need a Mom.

Conversations and comradery – shared sinks of dirty dishes, laundry folding and midnight pots of tea.

Your first best friend, your first confidante.

Honestly interested in the ins and outs of your life, the stars of your life – your family – all they said, created or did. Invested in your daily struggle and courage to shine bright each day.


Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters


Who else would want to know all the details of your life?

We do. We truly do.

We aren’t your Moms. We are sorry for that. We are though Moms. Sincerely. Lovingly. Wonderfully. And We have room in our hearts for you!