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Sister, Daughter, Mother, Grandmother – Feminine Support

Mother, Daughter, Just need Mom
Feminine Support

There are times in our lives when we need the support of another feminine. One who has walked a path similar to our own and has the spoons, bandwidth, and caring to hold the container of our lives, support our journey and hold us in the space of non judgmental freedom. This is what we offer in our Just need to Talk and Just Need Mom packages.

I JUST Need My Mom!

Sometimes, we JUST need Mom.

Sometimes, Mom isn’t available.

Sometimes, Mom can’t understand.

And sometimes, no matter how or what we do, we Just need a Mom.

Conversations and comradery – shared sinks of dirty dishes, laundry folding and midnight pots of tea. Your first best friend, your first confidante, your mom – sister – aunt – grandmother.

Honestly interested in the ins and outs of your life, the stars of your life – your family – all they said, created or did. Invested in your daily struggle., the courage to live each day in the brightest light.

We want to know all the details of your life, we care.

Just Need to Talk

In a man’s world; there is a need to speak with, to and from the feminine.

We open our arms wide and welcome you.

Come in and have a cup of tea.