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Compliance is a layered area. ShelleyRae began working in specialty compliance in her 20’s with a calibration house. That experience enables her to understand and manage the demanding flow of ever changing requirements in the compliance arena.

ShelleyRae’s experience with documentation and creation of protocols has lead to minimizing her clients greatest risks – human injury and product recall.

With nutraceuticals compliance begins at seed and extends to 2 years after expiration of the finished product. This is true of all natural products; including essential oils, herbal supplements, dietary support products and beyond.

Tracking ingredients from seed to functional product to end consumer is a requirement of all government organizations.

Critical to minimizing recalls and injuries in the nutraceutical industry is supplier quality management. Nutraceuticals often require a global supply chain, companies source ingredients from a variety of suppliers and vendors. A system is required, collaboration, with all suppliers to ensure that good manufacturing practices are in place and being adhered to. Manufacturers must ensure that ingredients are being sourced correctly and ethically, as well as keep track of any non-conformances.

ShelleyRae guides companies to remain in the compliance lane. From purchase, manufacture, testing to distribution with ShelleyRae supporting your business your risks are lower.