Alchemy, change,

Alchemy is the ability to change something from what it was to something it has not ever been before.

We work with those who desire change. To become someone greater and yet … not lose themselves.

Move from who one “is” into who one chooses “to be”; the deeper self; a greater being, a stronger self.

Shelley’s Place supports their clients as they transform their personal and business lives, relationships and finances.

Their core value –fire of truth – leads them to honestly discuss challenges – tough-love and find solutions.

Are you ready to –

Talk about the hard stuff?

Be open to solutions?

Design and create your intentions?

Fire of Truth –

Integrity, Transparency and Honesty foster open conversation and discussion.

Shelley’s Place offers a bold strategy for creating loving, lasting relationships both in personal and business – day to day life. We offer strategies for creating open and honest communication, strengthen and negotiate agreements, boundary setting and conflict resolution.

Filling the void, unafraid of the abyss; we look into the abyss and it changes.

We teach you to see in the dark; we share our light.