Co-creating is Shelley’s Super Power

Welcome to Shelley’s Place

30 years ago Shelley walked into a restaurant for a hostess position; she walked out the assistant manager and hostess; she was 17 years old.  She remained in that position until the business was sold; she and the original owner left together as a team; the business closed 6 months later.  This was the beginning of a career in business management.

From openings to final days; Shelley has helped owners co-create their businesses through creative marketing, Rockefeller habits and passion for mutual success.

Known on social media as ShelleRae; her brand was a very successful accident; a challenge 14 years ago Thanksgiving day between friends to change themselves from business entities to personalities. This was the start of her social media life and passion. From Yelp to FaceBook to Google to Twitter ShelleRae can be found in the top of Google and Bing.

Shelley will work with you to manifest your dreams.

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