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Entrepreneur ~ Baba Chochom (Wise Grandmother) ~ Alchemist ~ Business Builder

I didn’t want this bio to be impersonal or particularly boring. That’s certainly not who I am. I also didn’t want it to be too blunt, too dry or well “too” anything. Yet, when we speak of strong women “TOO” is the favorite word of descriptive choice.

Way down towards the bottom you’ll find my history – a bit of a resume – rather generalized since my qualifications, like most folks, read like a laundry list, towards the middle is how I live and do business and here on the top – you get to meet me. Brutally honest, boldly forthright, fiercely me. And Yes, a Wise Grandmother.

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Your Wise Grandmother and Alchemist –

I am Baba Chochom.

I am grandmother to 2 beautiful and quickly growing sweethearts. I have 3 children. I know life with it’s potentials and I know death.
I am mother and grandmother to many lost children; Peter Pans of the world.
There are few stories I haven’t heard or read that can shatter my resolve. I see life as calculated risks. Never take a bet you can’t afford. I am fierce, bold and brutal. Brutally honest, boldly forthright, fiercely me.


I occupy the space that parents left long ago – acceptance and comfort for the afraid, abandoned, anxious, and often depressed.
Filling the void, unafraid of the abyss; I look into the abyss and it changes; my gift to those who seek acceptance, love and conversation.

I am an alchemist. I create.

Alchemy is the ability to change something from what it was to something it has not ever been before.

I create potions, lotions, herb mixes, spa products and workings; like cooking, changing a mix of independent items into a new form. I work with those who desire change. To become another and yet not lose themselves.
From who one “is” into who one chooses “to be”; the deeper self; a greater being, a stronger self.

Empowering ~ Passion Path ~ Ready…Set…Go! ~ Alchemy ~

Fire of Truth ~ Abyss to Prosperity (Adventure Awaits!) ~ Curiosity ~ Resiliency ~ Passion Map

Empowering –

Delivering the Tools – Creating Action

Ready to Move? Ready to Change? Shelley does not stand still and you will be the rolling rock that collects no moss.

Alchemy –

Creation by Design – Alchemy is the ability to change something from what it was to something it has not ever been before.

Shelley loves deeply those she coaches, she is invested in their success. She transforms their personal and business lives, relationships and finances. Her core value – fire of truth – leads her to honestly discuss challenges – tough-love and find solutions.


Prepare – Plan – Her greatest passion and desire is to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed.

She’ll help you make a plan to be more productive and more profitable, without sacrificing your priorities while honoring your core values. Co-creating resiliency to ensure day to day success!

Adventure Awaits!

Unlock the passion that is life! Unlock your passion path.

Life is an Adventure. Life requires Action. Life is limited and should be fun!
Let’s unlock your Passion Path and let the Adventure of a Life Time Begin!

Curiosity –

Exploration – “We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Shelley cultivates the Spirit of Inquiry – exploring curiosities, examining the unknown, changing the world one curious drop of thought at a time. In business and in life knowledge and change are the only constants.

Resiliency –

Co-creating resiliency to ensure day to day success!

Agility – Spring Back from Difficulties – Shelley’s devotion to overcoming trauma, tragedy, personal and business crises, life problems–and desire to ensure her clients spring back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful is key to her success and theirs.

Fire of Truth –

Integrity, Transparency and Honesty foster open conversation and discussion.

Relationships – Tough Love – Shelley offers a bold strategy for creating loving, lasting relationships both in personal and business – day to day life. Shelley offers strategies for creating open and honest communication, strengthen and negotiate agreements, boundary setting and conflict resolution.
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Using the elements of

Passion Path


Success Planning



Passion Map

Shelley will work with you to manifest your dreams.

Passion Path ~ Alchemy ~ Ready…Set…Go! ~ Adventure Awaits! ~ Curiosity ~ Resiliency ~ Fire of Truth ~ Passion Map

732.SHELLEY (743.5539)

Today – ShelleyRae O’Connor is Entrepreneur ~ Baba Chochom (Wise Grandmother) ~ Alchemist~ Business Builder

Creator of the Passion Path and Passion Life Map Event Planner for the World’s Worse Events

Past – Business Manager ~ Graphic Designer ~ Marketer
30+ years ago Shelley walked into a restaurant for a hostess position; she walked out the assistant manager and hostess; she was 17 years old. She remained in that position until the business was sold; she and the original owner left together as a team; the business closed 6 months later. This was the beginning of a career in business management. As a graphic designer married to a printer, Shelley had the opportunity to be one of the first designers to send print designs electronically to the graphics house for output. The dawning of the digital age of print. Within 5 years printers would no longer be out sourcing their digital for plate creation but producing it all in house on specialized printers and eventually move to complete digital. Shelley’s graphic design time included the creation of custom POGS for many major artists and businesses. She eventually sold her million dollar POG business to a partner who saw it through the fad to closure a few years later. After a stint in direct mail marketing which included working with Apria Healthcare, American Express and Saint Jude Research Hospital as well as a long list of donor campaigns Shelley moved on to rebuild 2 small local businesses. Managing the businesses directly prior to and after Y2K Shelley brought tech expertise to the Restoration Industry. Exiting the industry when the second business sold her successes included creating demand for services at 3 times the average local rate, 90% retention, controlled growth marketing template, establishing the business as a industry leader and securing contracts for inspection services. A short time in the storage industry proved that Shelley could market and price as she liked in any industry. Her profit margins were increased 28% in 6 months and vacancy was reduced to 2% from 26%. A move to Northern California provided Shelley with her next success and a 5 million dollar success. Simple marketing (but not easy) updates led to clients moving from a $250,000 business to a $5 million in 7 years. Known on social media as ShelleRae; her brand was a very successful accident; a challenge 14 years ago Thanksgiving day between friends to change themselves from business entities to personalities. From Yelp to FaceBook to Google to Twitter ShelleRae can be found in the top of Google and Bing. This was the start of her social media life and passion.
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