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Cotati In Real Life

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Beauty in Being Me

Witchy Me

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Beauty in Being Me – Witchy Me


Cotati In Real Life, 1 Hour Meet Up, Once a Month

Sharing – Creating – Meeting

Every month we’ll spend a few minutes on –

  • Simple Tarot – Teach, Read and Share
  • Simple Spell, Intention, Meditation – Teach, Read and Share
  • Simple Sigil – Teach, Read and Share
  • Candle Anointing – Teach, Read and Share

Bring your cards, books, journals, BOS, Grimoire, Altar Photos, etc

Well behaved Witchy Buddies welcome – under 13 are free. Over 13 please have their own subscription.

#WMe #WitchyMe

Time and Address will be emailed with subscription.

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